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Sensory Friendly Santa Claus is Coming to Visit!

Did you hear that Santa is making a special trip to Coastal Pediatric Therapy Center to visit with all of our Coastal Kids this Saturday? Saint Nicholas loves to celebrate holiday traditions, and he looks forward to visiting our office each year! Santa Claus plays a large role during the magical Christmas season and brings a lot of excitement for families. It is our wish that every child will be able to fully experience all the fun Christmas activities during this special time of year.

It is important that children with various special needs are provided a way to enjoy these holiday traditions in a safe and friendly environment. Malls or crowded spaces can be overwhelming and stressful. Here at Coastal, we offer an experience that is calm, safe, and sensory friendly. Trained therapists will assist with activities and transitions, without long lines or excess noise. Families will have the opportunity to enjoy a positive visit with Santa to create wonderful Christmas memories!

Since time slots are reserved ahead of time, parents are able to get the perfect holiday photograph during the one-on-one visit with Santa. We hope that you all will join us this Saturday, December 8th from 9:30-11:30. We are very excited to share this experience with you! Please take a look at photos from our previous Sensory Santa events below.