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Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is great for encouraging good posture and strengthens the core and leg muscles.

  1. Stand up straight, with your big toes touching and heels slightly apart.

  2. Lift your toes and gently sway back and forth.

  3. Gradually bring the swaying to a standstill, with your weight balanced evenly on your feet.

  4. Tighten your thigh muscles, lift your knees and pull in your belly.

  5. Press your shoulder blades back, widen them across and release them down your back.

  6. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds, breathing deeply.

Chair Pose

Chair Pose strengthens muscles, develops core strength, improves breathing, and stretches the shoulders and chest.

  1. Stand in Mountain Pose with your feet slightly apart.

  2. Exhale and bend your knees as if you were sitting in a chair.

  3. Extend your arms above your head, with your palms facing each other.

  4. Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

  5. Inhale, straighten your legs, and stand up straight.

  6. Exhale and lower your arms to your sides.

  7. Repeat 10 times, once daily.

Rag Doll Pose

Rag Doll helps release tension in the neck and shoulders, stretches leg muscles and relieves stress. It also calms the mind and makes our kiddos feel nice a refreshed.

  1. Stand up straight, with your arms extended above your head.

  2. Exhale, bend your body forward and allow your arms to fall toward the floor.

  3. Let your knees bend slightly and gently sway your head and arms from side to side.

  4. Take deep breaths, allowing your arms to sink closer to the floor.

  5. After a few minutes, slowly roll back up to standing position.

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is a restorative pose that helps release stress, stretches the muscles of the lower back, hips and thighs. In addition, this pose has a calming effect on the central nervous system.

  1. Kneel down on the floor with your big toes touching together.

  2. Sit back on your heels, and keep your knees hip-width apart.

  3. Exhale and bring your chest to rest on top of your thighs.

  4. Stretch your arms out in front of you or tuck them in by your sides.

  5. Relax and breathe deeply, holding this pose for 1 to 5 minutes.

Tree Pose

This standing balance pose requires stillness and concentration that helps calm a frustrated mind. This pose improves balance, develops concentration, stretches leg and chest muscles, and makes the thighs, calves, and ankles strong to prevent injury.

  1. Stand up straight and tall, with your feet hip-width apart and your arms by your sides.

  2. Shift your weight to your left foot and lift your right foot with both your hands.

  3. Place your right foot above or below your left knee (depending on your comfort level).

  4. Bring your hands together in salutation seal near your heart.

  5. Hold this pose for 5 to 8 breaths, then slowly raise your arms over your head and look up toward your hands.

  6. Take a few deep breaths, then return your hands to your heart and lower your right leg.

  7. Next, do the Tree Pose on the other leg.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

This fun pose stretches the shoulders, legs, and spine while building strength throughout the body. It also relieves fatigue, rejuvenates the body, boosts immunity, aids digestion and improves circulation.

  1. Get on the floor on your hands and knees.

  2. Keep your palms flat on the floor with fingers spread out in front of you.

  3. Exhale, lift your knees away from the floor, and lift your hips to form an upside-down V pose.

  4. Take deep breaths and relax your head and back of the neck.

  5. Hold this pose for a few minutes.

  6. To release, exhale, and bring your knees to the floor.

  7. Relax in Child’s Pose for a minute, then stand up slowly.

Butterfly Pose

This pose targets the legs, helping to relax and stretch the muscles. In addition, it aids digestion, relieves fatigue and improves flexibility in the hip region.

  1. Sit on the floor with your spine erect and legs spread straight out.

  2. Bend your knees and bring your feet inwards.

  3. Place the soles of your feet together and hold your feet tightly with your hands.

  4. Inhale deeply, pressing the thighs and knees down toward the floor.

  5. Keep your breathing normal and flap both legs up and down like the wings of a butterfly. Start slow and gradually increase the speed.

  6. Slow down and then stop. Take a deep breath in and breathe out as you bend forward, keeping the chin up and spine erect.

  7. Take long, deep breaths and relax the muscles of your thighs.

  8. Slowly straighten the legs out in front of you and relax.

Crescent Moon

This stretching yoga pose deeply stretches the sides of the body. It improves core body strength, balance, and concentration as well as circulation. It even calms the mind and energizes the entire body.

  1. Stand up straight, with your feet hip-width apart and arms at your sides.

  2. Inhale, raise your hands over your head and press your palms together.

  3. Exhale and slowly bend your body to one side. Your body should form a crescent shape from hands to feet.

  4. Hold this pose for a few seconds.

  5. Inhale and return to standing position, with your hands still over your head.

  6. Repeat the bend on the opposite side.

  7. Finally, exhale and lower your arms.

Corpse Pose

No yoga session is complete without the final pose – the Corpse Pose. This pose gives the body time to process information and is designed to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit at the end of a session.

1. Lay down on your back, with your legs slightly apart.

2. Keep your hands next to your sides, slightly spread out with palms facing up.

3. Breathe slowly and deeply from your abdomen.

4. Close your eyes and relax your whole body.

5. Hold this position for 5 to 15 minutes.

6. To come out, take a few deep breaths and roll over to one side.

7. Slowly bring yourself back up into a sitting position.