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King of Swings

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

We had an amazing visit from Mr. Alex, The King of Swings, in the beginning of January! Mr. Alex taught a hands-on workshop exploring various ways that our sensory equipment could be used to address sensory processing deficits! Our therapists learned so many new and innovating treatment techniques that will be passed onto our kiddos, using the equipment in our newly renovated sensory gym.

Mr. Alex is an occupational therapist assistant who lives in Gig Harbor, Washington and is the owner of SensoryDigest.com, a company that specializes in creating home sensory gyms for children with sensory processing disorder. Alex struggled with Sensory Processing Disorder himself as a child and he knew that he wanted to help others dealing with the same obstacles he was facing everyday. Not knowing what Sensory Processing Disorder was back then, Alex became his own therapist by exploring Sensory Integration inspired therapeutic activities.

For more information on Mr. Alex, please visit his website at sensorydigest.com or follow him on Instagram (sensorydigest).

See our therapists in action! We feel that it is important to always try out an activity before having our patients try them. Here are some photos of our Coastal therapists getting hands on in the gym!

Here our therapists are completing a grounding obstacle course by linear sequential crawling while working on motor planning, stability, and body control! How could you set one up at home?

Jenna and Kellie are working on improving their bilateral coordination, strength, and postural control all while getting vestibular and proprioceptive input on our special “bumper cars”.

Jenna is crawling against resistance through the suspended lycra tunnel which provides deep proprioceptive input to improve strength, coordination, and motor planning. Ask her to tell you about her experience!!

Here are a few more photos from the workshop. We cannot wait to try some of our new ideas in therapy with all of our kiddos!