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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Our kids are having a great time celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday in therapy this week! Activities were inspired by many of his popular books with the help of "Pinterest". Our therapists modified these activities to help create the "just right challenge" for each child! Here is a glimpse into some Dr. Seuss fun happening in therapy this week!

Hop on Pop

Materials Needed:

-Bubble wrap



Skills Addressed:

-Gross motor skills

-Directional skills

-Motor planning

-Visual motor skills

Our kids practiced writing arrows (tracing then copying) to improve their visual motor skills, then we taped the arrows to the bottom of bubble wrap. Next, we taped the bubble wrap squares onto the floor. The kids jumped from one square to the next, turning their body in the same direction that the arrow was pointing! They had so much fun popping the bubble wrap each time they jumped from one square to the next!

Ten Apples on Top

Supplies needed:

-Pictures of apples with numbers


-Ruler or paint stick

Skills Addressed:


-Fine motor skills

-Bilateral hand skills

Our kids found apples numbered 1-10 hidden around the room. Then to improve their fine motor strength, they pinched the clothespins with their thumb, index and middle finger, and attached the clothespins one on top of another. This activity helps improve their fine motor strength, bilateral hand skills, and number skills!

Green Eggs and Ham

Supplies needed:

-Egg Carton

-12 Green plastic eggs

-Filler (small pom poms, tissue paper, beads, etc)

Skills addressed:

-Bilateral fine motor skills

-Fine motor precision

-Counting objects


We started out with 12 green eggs numbered 1-12 and placed tiny balls of tissue paper across the room. Each child would pick an egg and identify the number on it, then scooter-board to the other side of the room to pick up the correct number of tissue paper pieces to fill the green eggs. Once filled, they pressed the plastic eggs back together to make their own green eggs and ham! If you want to try this at home but don't have a scooter board, animal walks are a fun alternative!

The Cat in the Hat

Materials needed:

-Red cup (with white tape)

-Red and white pom poms


Skills Addressed:

-Fine motor skills

-Speed and coordination

Who can fill Dr. Seuss's hat the fastest? Using tongs, each child filled the hat with red and white pom poms as fast as they could. This activity helps with fine motor dexterity skills, speed, and coordination.

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